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Excel Freight Broker LLC, our name maybe the new name on the block, but don't let that fool you.
Our experienced staff has over 50 years in the logistics business. We have experience on the shippers side and on the carriers side as well.
The staff at Excel Freight Broker consists of former truck drivers, who can relate to what the carriers needs are and also former distributors who knows exactly what are the needs of the shippers.
Our effective customer service and technology departments, balance our staff of professionals, which makes the business of logistics more cost effective, safer, on time and just better.


At Excel Freight Broker , our mission is to bridge the gap between shippers and carriers for everyone's benefit, so that goods can reach the final consumers, safely, on time, everytime!

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Excel Freight Broker,LLC

Office # : 570-213-5927 Office # : 570-977-9234 Fax # : 272-200-3288 Email: Info@excelfreightbroker.com Email: excelfreightbroker@yahoo.com

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